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Sports Teams Training


At Novalife, we believe that sports team, no matter the sport or the age group, can truly benefit from additional fitness training for overall flexibility and conditioning. Our studio is large enough to accommodate entire teams for yoga or pilates classes. What we find most beneficial to athletes is agility, flexibility, and core training. All athletes have areas of strengths and weaknesses. We work with sports team coaches to develop a six to eight-week training program designed to increase athletes’ speed, agility, power, and performance.


Our fitness instructors will take your team through drills and exercises, such as functional fitness that assimilates movements that are utilized in your specific sport. We leverage TRX training, bosu, resistance, foam roller, yoga, and pilates concepts to build on your team’s overall strengths and weaknesses. Both individual and team building has been proven essential to the overall success of sports teams. At Novalife Fitness, our goal is to help build team unity and develop positive bonds between team mates.

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