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Yoga & Meditation


As an ancient system of wellness, yoga’s gentle and dynamic postures address every part of the body while the practice of breath and mindfulness restore calm and clarity of mind, leaving you feeling refreshed, vital, and alert. Novalife Fitness yoga classes are different from traditional yoga classes – they include functional stretching and strengthening to sculpt the body and calm the mind with the last 15 minutes of the class dedicated to a guided meditation. Stress release is linked to increased productivity in areas of your life. Yoga and meditation, when practiced together, strengthen the mind-body connection, improve overall fitness / well-being, and give you the most amazing results of strengthening the body while calming the mind.


If stress management, reducing the inflammatory response of stress in the body, i.e. high blood pressure, is not reason enough, perhaps increased flexibility to counteract a sedentary job is. Or perhaps you think it would be beneficial to merely be able to tie your shoes, enjoy long walks, or hike without injuring yourself. No matter your motivation, the combined emotional boost of yoga and meditation provides an overall feeling of well-being and everyone can benefit from it.

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