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Strength & Resistance Training


Strength and resistance are essential components of a fitness program to build the bone density that we lose as we age, build muscle, boost metabolism, and lose unwanted fat. Strength training combined with cardio refuels the body, preserves stamina, and prevents such chronic and debilitating diseases as osteoporosis.


Whether you are carrying groceries, working in the garden, or playing with your children, everyday tasks will be less taxing if you adopt a regular strength and resistance training program. Novalife Fitness has designed a safe and proven strength training program to create long, lean muscle mass and increase bone strength, muscle mass, and connective tissues. Increasing muscle mass is essential for all adults as our muscle mass decreases by nearly 50% between the ages of 20 and 90. On average, people lose 30% of their strength between the ages of 50 and 70 and / or generally people lose about 1% of their lean muscle per year after 40. Neglecting certain muscle groups can lead to strength imbalances and postural difficulties. In this class, we not only work all major muscles, we target the often ignored assisting muscle groups as well.

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